How does the Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds Application Work?

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Humanitarian and compassionate grounds apply to people with specific and exceptional cases. In the event that applicants feel that they would face undeserved hardships if they left Canada, then they might qualify under this stream.

To apply under this stream, the applicant must be in Canada at the time of applying. Assessment of these applications is done on a case-by-case basis. Some factors that are considered are-how settled the person is in Canada, general family ties to Canada, the best interests of children involved, and what could happen the request is not granted

The important thing to remember however is that these kinds of applications are very complicated and require extensive immigration experience. Any error or misstep in the process can cost your chance of staying back in Canada.

Who can apply on Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds?

The applicants must currently be living inside Canada and must be out of status. There are several factors that influence this, including how settled the individual is in Canada, his or her family ties to Canada and Circumstances considering children the outcome if an application under Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds was declined. Applications are not accepted from temporary resident applicants and one cannot have more than one humanitarian and compassionate grounds application at the same time or if you are claiming refugee status.

Everything that you should know about the Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds Applications

Often times, applications are rejected because the right questions were not asked during application. Here are some questions that you must ask your immigration consultant when applying through this stream.

  • Would I normally become eligible to obtain permanent residency in Canada?
  • Can I apply under Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds if I have already made a submission for a refugee claim?
  • How do I know if the way that I entered the country was an irregular arrival and therefore does not qualify me to apply under Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds?

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