Welcome to EEP Services

We are Europe Education Providers. We are certified by Education UK, ITAC, QEAC, and CCEA. As active participants in ICEF and WEBA meets all around the globe we stay abreast with all the latest trends in International Education. We are also Education New Zealand Trained agents.

EEP is the fastest-growing immigration agency in India. With 4 branches and a strong network of associates, we at EEP aim to provide expert advice to people interested in studying abroad.

EEP guides students in every step of the college admissions process and handholds them during this confusing and stressful phase. We have helped fulfil their dreams of education in countries like the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Sweden, Portugal, Lithuania, Holland, Spain, France, Ireland and other countries around the globe.

We provide our clients with the highest level of customer service to deliver the results they seek. Right from when a student first approaches us with aspirations of studying abroad, we help with the selection of country, institution, and subject and guide them through successful completion of their proposed study program. We have helped thousands of students get into their dream school.

We spend time understanding the requirements of the students, their past experiences, financial backgrounds, interest, aptitude, etc. The advice we provide is always actionable – it provides you the guidelines of what to do, and what not to do. We provide personalized plans because no two students are alike. We guide you so that you can apply to a carefully curated list of colleges to maximize your chances of admission into the college of your dreams.

EEP provides diverse high-end solutions for an enriching and successful career. We also provide global resettlement solutions to our clients.

We at EEP understand the challenges faced by the students whilst studying overseas. Our client-focused world-class service coupled with dedicated counselors along with state of art technology and world-class infrastructure has made us the first choice for those planning to study overseas.

EEP offers a broad portfolio of excellently managed services right from pre-admission to post landing services tailored to the needs of each and every student seeking international education. We work with several leading universities and institutions around the globe in facilitating a smoother and easier admission process for our students.

EEP was formed by the coming together of a team of highly educated, widely traveled professionals who have international exposure.

Our corporate office is in Mohali, near Chandigarh, INDIA and we have multiple offices in Punjab (Rahon, Samrala, Jaintipurl). EEP is a fusion of values and abilities. Diversity is our cornerstone and our employees reflect our commitment to work across cultures.

Experience, global presence, in-depth industry knowledge, and strong dedication to helping students from India are what enable us to provide result-oriented career solutions.

Our panel of advisors and immigration consultants with updated knowledge on international education and accurate foresight on future trends is what gives us the edge. We are the undisputed leader in international education services.